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1 Xian Huang comentou às Link permanente

Hi Dave, <br /> I used as following to get Documents of case: <div>&nbsp;</div> var workitemEdt = payload.workItemEditable; <br /> var caseFolder = workitemEdt.icmWorkItem.caseObject.caseFolder; <div>&nbsp;</div> It worked with documents that already added to case before. <br /> It's not working with document I added after load case. <br /> So How could I get all documents of Case? (How could I refresh payload object?) <br /> Thanks,

2 rsantana comentou às Link permanente

Hi Dave, wanted to know a method to restrict the abort message. abort ({'silent': true}); is not working for me ICM 5.2 .Thank you.

3 Mingliang Guo comentou às Link permanente

@rsantana, currently it is not possible for a participator(e.g. scripts in script adapter) to control how to handle the error(abort). The error handling is controlled by the coordinator (usually the actions). If you want to control the error handling behavior, you can create a custom action and change the way the error is handled.

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