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Hi Dave, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your above article. <br /> I tried the above article to start a "discretionary task" by a button on one of work details page.When i clicked it opens a new page in new window with "Add Task" button and once i click "Add Task",it done the expected behavior. <br /> I'm expecting it will just trigger task as explained in above article once we click button "Meeting". <br /> What I'm doing wrong here? <br /> My Environment is ICM 5.2 with FP-01. <br /> Appreciate your help.

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Discretionary tasks always have a "launch" page. In the case of my meeting example, the launch page is where you would enter all the meeting minutes. <div>&nbsp;</div> Manual tasks are ones that do not have a launch UI and simply start.

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Hi Dave, <div>&nbsp;</div> the question is above article try to reduce number of steps to start tasks. <br /> In case of discretionary tasks with above example i didn't see the benefit of reducing number of clicks. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can above code works for "Manual Tasks"? <br /> Can we start manual tasks with button action?My ANswer is no..we cannot start manual tasks with user action or button. <br /> I created a manual task and used above code to start that manual task with button click and ended up with below exception. <br /> ***************************************** <br /> An API was called to create a discretionary task but a non-discretionary task type was specified. <div>&nbsp;</div> Only specify a discretionary task type when creating a discretionary task. <div>&nbsp;</div> *********************************************** <div>&nbsp;</div> as per my understanding above code works only with discretionary task type. <div>&nbsp;</div> createNewTaskEditable(taskType, callback) <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Currently only discretionary tasks can be created by a user. <div>&nbsp;</div> Parameters: <br /> taskType <br /> a task type name or TaskType object. It must represent a discretionary task type. <br /> callback <br /> a function called with icm.model.TaskEditable <div>&nbsp;</div> appreciate your help on this.

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The benefit of adding a commonly used task to a button is to make it obvious and spare the user from the task picker dialog. <div>&nbsp;</div> For what you want, you should get the case object, iterate its task member, find the task you want, and if it is a state where it can start, you can call its start method. <div>&nbsp;</div> Give that a try, and if it works maybe you could post it as your own blog tipsandtricks!

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Hi Dave, I am wondering if there is an update to this script action to be used on a work details page (not in the case details page as listed here). I am trying to modify the script without any luck. Don't know what I am doing wrong. On a case details page works without any problem. <div>&nbsp;</div> I believe this is a great example to limit the number of discretionary tasks that are available at any given step in the process. So instead of exposing the "Add Task" button for the user to select from the list (that shows all discretionary tasks), I want to limit the list to show few discretionary tasks, So, instead of having an "Add Task" button, I want to add an "Actions" list button and inside define the discretionary tasks for this step.

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Hi Willy. Looks like I need to hurry up with my new blog entry on all the different contexts for all the different integration points. <div>&nbsp;</div> For the Work Details Page - Work Item Toolbar script action, replace the first line with the following: <div>&nbsp;</div> var workItemEditable = this.getActionContext("WorkItemPage")[0]; <br /> var caseEditable = workItemEditable.icmWorkItem.caseObject.createEditable();

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Thank you Dave, I almost got it! My thought was to relate the script to a work item, not a case page. So for the getActionContext I was using "WorkItem" and mapped to a WorkItemEditable object. I never considered using WorkItemPage !!!! <br /> Well, thanks for the info.

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