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1 Ajinkya Panse commented Permalink

Hi, I need to have attachment validation on the work details page. For e.g. if a Boolean field name XYZ is "true", then it is mandatory for user to add an attachment in the Attachment Widget. I need a JavaScript code similar to the one above where I can set validation for attachment. If user doesn't add attachment and try to Complete the case, the case will be aborted and user will be presented with the error message "Please add an attachment". I tried to use one JavaScript code for this, I was getting error message also if the attachment is not added but the problem was even though I added the attachment I was still receiving the error. Would you please help me develop that code and help me with the Wiring as well?

2 Danny.Hearit commented Permalink

@Ajinkya Panse - To perform such validation you need to use a coordinator. See the documentation on this (page 10): https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/e8206aad-10e2-4c49-b00c-fee572815374/resource/ACM_LP/ICM52JavaScriptAPI.pdf?lang=en

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