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Comments (5)

1 wilfred commented Permalink

I work on Rational Application Developer 9.0.0 and i am not able to locate the jar's in my plugin folder. Could you please be more precise where i could find these JAR's (location) or the name of the jar files for RAD. <div>&nbsp;</div> - Thanks

2 JHoffmann commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> can you please give further informations, where I can download the Eclipse-Plugin-Files. Because it seems, that they are not available under <br /> ftp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG248055/ . <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Sincerely Julius

3 Jackie Zhu commented Permalink

The Eclipse plugin and sample codes that go along with the book should be available sometimes today. Go to the Redbooks draft page, there's a place where you click to get the additional material for this book.

4 Bhaskar B commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> Really helpful if we have Eclipse plugins to build IBM ICN plugins, but couldn't find mentioned jars anywhere. Could you please let us know where can we find them. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <br /> Bhaskar

5 ArsalanKhan commented Permalink

Hi Jackie Zhu, <br /> I cannot see ICN plugin wizard even after adding com.ibm.ecm.icn.plugin.202.jar in drophins directory. However, com.ibm.ecm.icn.facet.EDSPlugin.202.jar works fine when i see under dynamic web project configuration wizard. <div>&nbsp;</div> Please help.

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