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Comments (6)

1 Cana commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> I can't find com.ibm.ecm.plugin.202.jar and com.ibm.ecm.icn.facet.EDSPlugin.202.jar in ftp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG248055/SG248055.zip <br /> can you tell me where i can get that jar ?

2 Jackie Zhu commented Permalink

We will post the sample codes and the Eclipse plugin required for the book sometimes today. Check back tomorrow to where you download the draft of the IBM Redbooks publication. There will be a link where you can download the additional materials.

3 Cana commented Permalink

Thanks for updated additional material for this redbook :) <br /> I already download it

4 JunaidAzam commented Permalink

Hi Jackie Zhu, <div>&nbsp;</div> Do you have Sample EDS which fetch data from Database instead of xml? If you have, can you please share? I want to update Case Properties such as Choic lists etc...

5 suryakantjadhav22@gmail.com commented Permalink

com.ibm.ecm.plugin.202.jar and com.ibm.ecm.icn.facet.EDSPlugin.202.jar are not present at ftp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG248055/. Can you make it available plz.

6 Rohit Choudari commented Permalink

Hi Jackie, can we implement the 3 level dependant choice list using EDS? <br /> Ex: On selecction of the 1 property, the choice list of remaining 2 fields needs to be filtered out.

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