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This works great and I added a document in the file section that gives the complete step by step of how to make this work.

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For a full documentation on how to implement this feature, go to this link in the file section of this community. <div>&nbsp;</div> Dynamic Filters Documentation - Assign To User Filter.docx <div>&nbsp;</div>;file=65f06ef6-ac14-4625-a0b9-3e8253fb3025

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Dave, <div>&nbsp;</div> great post and you can do so many more stuff going from this! I was ust wondering what is the best practice from a performance viewpoint. Should you use the script adapter and the ability to transform payloads or create your own widgets to do this? <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <div>&nbsp;</div> Patrick

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Hi Dave, <div>&nbsp;</div> great post. Just wondering from a performance perspective what is best practies. Would you recommend the Script adapter's ability to execute some custom Javascript or create your own Widget. Keeping in mind the best practie of not having more than 6-8 widgets on one page, which is stated in IBM's documentation (somewhere). <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <div>&nbsp;</div> Patrick

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Thanks Dave, very handy... it has some shortfalls though that may cause issues in a production environment where you don't want users to be able to change the userid in the filter themselves, or remove it entirely, and see other people's work. There is a hideFilter parameter that can be passed in with the filter object, but that doesn't allow you to filter on just the parameter you are setting.... it hides the entire dynamic filtering mechanism(!) which means users can no longer use any other valid filters they might need. As far as I could tell there was no good way to just hide that one particular filter, which would be a very handy feature indeed in this case.

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