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Hi Dave, <div>&nbsp;</div> I did the same thing but it returns an error when i choose the "Open in Popup" option from the Document Tab. <div>&nbsp;</div> Error is: <br /> Error in Content Retrieval. <br /> You do not have the access rights to view the document. Please see the attachment.

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Looks great. I tried doing same in our environment but the only problem here is if my WorkplaceXT is not running in the same JVM as ICM and it is asking me to login again. Is that something I am doing wrong ? <div>&nbsp;</div> This raises the question that any external app which has to interact with ICM and use P8 session... should be deployed in the same jvm as ICM ?

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XT does not have to be in same JVM. <br /> All web applications (be it either XT, ICM/ICN, custom app, etc.) deployed in various AppServers/JVMs should all be configured for Container Managed Authentication along with same LTPA key (makingall AppServers/JVMs are trusted). <br /> Likewise, the CPE AppServer is configured the same with same LTPA key to entrust JAAS so the mid-tier can access CPE server without being authenticated again.

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Thank you Dave ! It certainly helps !. does this require any SSO product to be installed ?

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HI Dave, <div>&nbsp;</div> Do we have any option to display document in viewer directly without selecting document in documents tab .

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The Viewer widget supports inbound events to tell it to display a particular document. I have heard of partners programmatically determining the first document filed in a case and passing that to the Viewer when the page opens. Much easier in 5.2+ with the page load events.

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Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> Doing the same thing in my test environment it works fine. But when i applied the same thing in my development environment i don't know why is not working and due to i face the following error:;id={undefined}&amp;objectType=document. Any Suggestion???

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Hello. Are you still doing this in ICM 5.1x? If you are in ICM 6.2x, the payloads have changed. To assist with debugging script code, you can run this in a browser like FireFox and use FireBug. When the Script Adapter gets call, our code will always write out the payload to the console so you can have a peek what is coming in.

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