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loved your presentation, Darrel, and only wish I'd seen it in person. You know my thoughts on non-traditional learning across the enterprise - I've seen it work with our large Strengths-based leadership community. There is also a mindset shift required - people tend to keep their "best stuff" for formal learning, which then no one sees. Doling it out bit by bit as an expert, to a community of followers is a better approach. Read today's blog by my friend and social media expert Mark Shaefer: <div>&nbsp;</div> I also think, and pardon me if this offends anyone, there is an ego aspect to this. A "formal class" is seen as more important than other ways of learning. Some experts may feel that moving to an informal or social media platform is below/beneath them. I do not feel that way - and I learned by doing, not by wanting to get engaged on a social media/community approach. Having experienced its power - by creating trust and rich content and a community of followers - it has more reach than any formal class could ever dream of. <br /> Great to meet you and Hazel at Innovate. Onward! Maureen