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what should the email i send in look like? do you have examples?

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Hi Brian, <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm tracking down an answer to this question for you. <div>&nbsp;</div> Andrew

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Hello briscott, <div>&nbsp;</div> First, thanks for dispending some time reading our little article and sharing your questions with us. Your feedback is very important for us. This way we can always improve the articles. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now, answering your question is very easy and straight forward. The email should be a very simple one containing only a subject and a body. <br /> The subject of the email will be the SR summary field and the body of the email will be the SR deatils. <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope I have answered your question, but if you have any other question or comments, please, feel free to write them. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you very much!

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thanks for writing this article. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can the email listener be configured to handle attachments in the email?

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hello robbinma, <div>&nbsp;</div> As far as I know, it should work. <br /> The subject and body of the email will be Summary and Details, respectively, and the attachment in the email should get attached to the SR. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks!

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Hello Marcus, <div>&nbsp;</div> That would be interesting to cover in another blog entry the Email Listener configuration according to the new Email Interaction application in How to set it up, things to consider like, the device class field in Person app, etc. <div>&nbsp;</div> Good job! <div>&nbsp;</div> JP

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Thanks gepp1! <br /> I'll consider that...

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hello, can you tell me what i should to fill and email-listener if i have mailserver as "" and "". My maximo can do only 1 funcion at the moment, send mail or scan email, 1 funcion stuck. If i restart server, maybe the stucked funcion will works but another one will stuck.

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hello hungnm, <div>&nbsp;</div> I've never tried having a different smtp and listener. Are you receiving any error? <br /> Can you explain what you mean by "function stuck" <div>&nbsp;</div> Please, provide more info so I can research it better! <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks a lot!

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Hi Marcus, <div>&nbsp;</div> We have implemented same functionality where we read emails using email listener and it is scheduled to read emails evey 5 minutes. The issue with that is when there is an error say due to too many email addresses in TO field we receive errors every 5 minutes which is really annoying in case of the error is received on a weekend. Is there a way we can configure to receive the error message only once. We are using TAMIT v7221 <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Pankaj