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1 FuDerek comentou às Link permanente

Does this restriction still valid after the SCCD plus SCCD FP being installed?

2 alucches comentou às Link permanente

Hello Derek, <div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, this restriction is still valid. Users should not install Tivoli process automation engine fixpacks independent of SmartCloud Control Desk fixpacks with the 7.5.x releases.

3 scottsd comentou às Link permanente

Small correction to the information above, SCCD FP supports TPAE, so if you are planning on applying both Tpae 7503 and SCCD 7501 then you're in a supported environment.

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Hi Scott, Is this confirmed &amp; is there any documentation to support this? I have a SCCD 7.5.1 customer that needs to move to Tpae due to email listener issues with MS exchange 2010.