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1 FuDerek commented Permalink

Does this restriction still valid after the SCCD plus SCCD FP being installed?

2 alucches commented Permalink

Hello Derek, <div>&nbsp;</div> Yes, this restriction is still valid. Users should not install Tivoli process automation engine fixpacks independent of SmartCloud Control Desk fixpacks with the 7.5.x releases.

3 scottsd commented Permalink

Small correction to the information above, SCCD FP supports TPAE, so if you are planning on applying both Tpae 7503 and SCCD 7501 then you're in a supported environment.

4 JohannesTjoa commented Permalink

Hi Scott, Is this confirmed &amp; is there any documentation to support this? I have a SCCD 7.5.1 customer that needs to move to Tpae due to email listener issues with MS exchange 2010.