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1 BrianBaird commented Permalink

Hey, I want that in Maximo! please.....

2 VivianeBrasil commented Permalink

Great Leandro, very helpful information!

3 DCal commented Permalink

Is it possible to just display static text? I tried using a recordhovertextbox tag without the dataattribute but it shows Invalid Bindings.

<recordhovertextbox id="change_impact_rh_2" label="Static Text"></recordhovertextbox>

4 rothermf commented Permalink

Nice one! But we are having problems when creating a custom rechover dialog which relates to "AFFECTEDPERSON" and "REPORTEDBY". For "affectedperson" it works, but "reportedby" we receive invalid bindings. We want to use this because we use the displayname in our SR application and not personid. If there are two persons with the same displayname (e.g. John Doe) the original dialog shows not the correct one.