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1 localhost commented Trackback

I was informed that the documentation is inside the Sametime SDK. Who knew IBM would put documentation in an obvious place ;) ...

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Van, not looked at the Sametime Connect Web API, but have you got any info on whether Sametime 8.0.x is a supported software version for Portal<div>&nbsp;</div> Detailed system reqs for Portal on Linux x86 only list 7.0 and 7.5.1 - nothing stating that 8.0.x is not supported, but nothing stating that it is either.<div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers,<div>&nbsp;</div> Andrew.

3 localhost commented Permalink

So the release schedules makes this problematic. Portal was not fully tested with Sametime 8. With that said, I've yet to see anything that is a blocker between the two versions. When you get down to the technical details, the STLinks (awareness and chat) and MAPI (meeting) APIs have not changed dramatically between the versions.