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1 Capstan commented Permalink

I've recently downloaded and installed Worklight 6. I'm very interested in the features described here, and I downloaded and imported the projects from the link above. I imported the Dojo version of the FixedSplitter project, built it and ran it in the browser simulator. Is it supposed to work in the simulator? I see the initial header and the Map and Attractions buttons, but clicking them does nothing.

I installed the Android app on a tablet and I do get the different views there. But I do not see any sign of an alternate view in landscape mode, it looks the same as if it were running on a cellphone - one view at a time.

2 ARUPPIN commented Permalink

I tried running FixedSplitter2 (by adding Android environment, implementing skinLoader.js and adding <skins> in Manifest) on Nexus 7 Tablet (Res: 1280*800), Samsung Tablet (Res: 1024*600) and Samsung Phone(Res: 1280*800) . And the output of FixedSplitter2 Android app is as follows,

Nexus 7 Tablet (Res: 1280*800) & Samsung Phone(Res: 1280*800) => Has Tablet UI skin.
Samsung Tablet (Res: 1024*600) => Has Phone UI skin.
So guess the functionality of getSkinName() is not valid. I tried altering getSkinName() by using navigator.userAgent for device detection, but even that fails.
NOTE: I have set android:largeScreens="true" in Android Manifest.
Please share thoughts on appropriate ways to detect Tablet/Phone device. Or please share thoughts on other changes.</skins>