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Comments (3)

1 alangr commented Permalink

This saved me a tons of time!!!

2 DilJay commented Permalink

Hi Bella,these instructions are simply amazing!
But let me point on something you might want to add at the beginning.
Both of your instances have the same name "bkogan".
This confused me at the beginning.So the federation script should be like this

create db sample;
connect to sample;
catalog tcpip node tcpfed remote panipuri server 21267;
catalog db sample as stsamp at node tcpfed;
create wrapper drda;
create server sample_db type db2/udb version 9.5 wrapper drda authorization "bkogan_of server2" password "ibmlab" options (DBNAME 'stsamp');
create user mapping for bkogan_of server2 server sample_db options (remote_authid 'bkogan', remote_password 'ibmlab');
create nickname ntest1 for sample_db.bkogan.test1;
Thank you.

3 vbalaji11 commented Permalink

Thank you Frango, this really is simple & helped.

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