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1 MChoate commented Permalink

George Knoll (from Haddon Hill Group) and I were talking about this and we see these additional advantages to IWD, in the area of license management: <div>&nbsp;</div> * License/Entitlement Governance - with IWD you can manage your WAS (WPS, WS Portal, Message Broker, etc) licenses across all your devt groups, throughout the life cycle on to prod, etc...so you can SHARE them..that's a huge help to reduce costs. <div>&nbsp;</div> * Not only that, but IWD figures outs how many PVUs you need and provides an audit record for your usage. There is no way a black box dispenser can provide this value proposition -- if you are just dispensing VMs on ESX, the PVU math errors are surely common and expensive. <div>&nbsp;</div>

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