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I was decent &amp; imaginative enough to take a commercial assigment of building an Amazon Cloud ready application. And that turned into a nightmare, when I understood developing &amp; testing an Amazon ready application is no more a dollar-saver task. <div>&nbsp;</div> You virtually endup spending your quality time &amp; intelligence to figureout how to escape from the continous bill-griller that eats your sweet pie in a 24x7 manner.. <div>&nbsp;</div> Then I decided to make a business ready clone of Amazon Cloud in it's true sense &amp; power, so people can use it for free and thereby contribute to the OpenSource Community.. <div>&nbsp;</div> I expect you to envisage my thought process a bit and see how I can add value to your dollar-basket ..<div>&nbsp;</div> http://cloudtronics.blogspot.com/<div>&nbsp;</div> -kind rgds

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