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Hi Dustin,I am reading your blog for the first time and would like to know something basic, which is, how this differs from MS Sharepoint service? Yes, some feature I think I can distinguish, but most importantly about the speed in cloud computing and the limitations to develop and test applications through Cloud.Thanks!Shounak

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Shaunak,<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for stopping by! Just to be clear, my attempt was not to provide a description of any one type of solution. As far as comparing the benefits I mentioned above to MS Sharepoint Services, I'm not sure I see a strong connection. With respect to the cloud enabling developers and testers to more quickly prototype and unit test code, I mean to point out the benefits of virtualization and virtualization management delivered within a cloud solution. If as a developer or tester, I can quickly request a fully built runtime environment, down to the OS and disk binaries, and then have that environment deployed to available physical resource, I am already over a major hurdle. Instead of spending time I already don't have configuring an environment to prototype and test, I can get right down to making sure my changes to the product work as intended. Hope this helps clarify some of my points above.

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