The Cloud space is evolving rapidly, and finding relevant information on newer technologies can be difficult. We want to make that a bit easier by posting information, videos and blogs about emerging cloud technologies that we are using in our lab and with our clients.


This DeveloperWorks community will serve as our repository for this information.  Most of the content will be short and technical - tips, tricks and guides that we're calling "Tech Bytes".  Some of the content will be educational and some will be focused on how we solved problems - we know as well as anyone that emerging technology doesn't always work the way you expect.  


The first items that we'll focus on will be divided amongst the Cloud, Mobile, and Development areas. We'll add more categories as things progress. 


Our goal is to take the lessons and skills we learn and share them with this community: we hope our experiences will help you avoid pitfalls and overcome obstacles as you adopt and experiment with the same emerging technologies.  The best way to get started is to browse the main categories listed on this page - and don't forget to create a profile so you can leave feedback and join the conversation. We look forward to interacting with you!