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1 tobiasleicher commented Permalink

Hello Matthew,
great article, and as you guess, I love the OSGi similarity :) really nice!
Cheers, Tobi

2 Joe_Gailey commented Permalink

Hi Mathew, will UrbanCode Deploy CICS TS plugin automate deploying and undeploying Application Bundles?

3 MatthewWebster commented Permalink

Joe, you can see from the recent post "New beta for CICS TS plug-in for UrbanCode Deploy available today" ( that we have released a beta version of an UrbanCode Deploy plug-in for CICS with the capability to deploy COBOL and other traditional language load modules that we first demonstrated at Innovate 2014. It's obvious that being able to deploy applications packaged as CICS bundles including Java, CICS events and Policy as well as CICS cloud applications would be very beneficial. All I can say to readers at this time is watch this space or sign up for the "CICS Beta Program" ( to find out more.