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1 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> Maybe we should put together a developerWorks wiki on gotchas for migrations to AIX 7.1. So far, before the migration, check: <br /> ssh keys <br /> revert to default tuning parameters <br /> remove MPIO filesets <br /> save sendmail config <br /> aixpert save XML files <div>&nbsp;</div> After the migration: <br /> install MPIO filesets <br /> Replace Kerberos entry KRB5A in /usr/lib/security/methods.cfg with KRB5. <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony

2 dxtans commented Permalink

Chris, <br /> And tcp wrappers gets over written, well the hosts.allow/deny files <br /> inetd.conf and snmpd.conf gets over written. <div>&nbsp;</div> Good call on work around for SSH, bit of a bummer with sshd_confif, as my config file is heavily populated with chroot directives and allowed groups, fortunately I took local backups of my config files, so quickly got back to normal. <div>&nbsp;</div> DT

3 cggibbo commented Permalink

Hi Anthony and Dave, thanks for the comments. The wiki sounds like a great idea. We've got a decent list of tips and tricks already.

4 cggibbo commented Permalink

Oh yeah, /etc/motd is also over written.

5 sk@ commented Permalink

Chris, <br /> whats your thought , this procedure may vary if use different vendor ssh production in 5.3 and moving to open ssh in 7.1 ? <br /> ta <div>&nbsp;</div>

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