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Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> I see this error, for all the LPARs, while listing the port information using lsnportlogin command <div>&nbsp;</div> HSCLB024 This operation is not supported by Virtual I/O Server partition <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there any dependency with the VIOS level as well?? my vios level is <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Prav <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hi rgpr_pravin, this feature was added to VIOS FixPack 24 SP03. It's listed under Miscellaneous Enhancements as Enabled SAN login from VIOS.

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If you are doing first build of a vio, boot it to open-firmware and use ioscan. Nice summary how to at More detailed stuff at!/wiki/Power+Systems/page/How+to+force+virtual+Fibre+to+login+to+SAN <https:"" developerworks="developerworks" community="community" wikis="wikis" home="home" lang="en#%21/wiki/Power+Systems/page/How+to+force+virtual+Fibre+to+login+to+SAN"></https:>

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re "first boot" not ioscan,it's ioinfo...

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