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1 AnthonyEnglish commented Trackback

[Trackback] My compatriot Chris Gibson highlighted a great performance tuning attribute for Fibre Channel adapters in this blog post . I was so excited that I dusted off my blog-writing skills (much neglected) and got fired up enough to put Chris' advic

2 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Thanks for informing us of this, Chris. (And thanks to Dan Braden!) <div>&nbsp;</div> I've written a script which applies what you have shared. You'll find it here http://tinyurl.com/set-FC-queue-depth <div>&nbsp;</div> Hope it's a help to someone. <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony

3 wolf_of_north commented Permalink

I noticed that "high water mark of active commands" is always less than num_cmd_elems in my system, I do not know if it is true or flase. <div>&nbsp;</div> num_cmd_elems is set to 200 by default, the max of "high water mark of active commands" of 6 fcs is 180. <div>&nbsp;</div> num_cmd_elems of 4 fcs was changed from 200 to 600, all the "high water mark of active commands" became 256. <div>&nbsp;</div> The fcs is vFC card, and the num_cmd_elems of VIOS is 500, which should be set to 600 at least that waiting for service windows.

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