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1 SrikanthSamineni commented Permalink

Hi Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> Tq so much. It is very helpful and we have resolved our issue by referring this content.

2 cggibbo commented Permalink

My pleasure. Glad I could help. That's why I do what I do!! <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Chris

3 4SNR_Davide_Villa commented Permalink

thank you very very much. <br /> exactly the same problem here. <br /> VIOS and a 45Mb core file in the root file system. <br /> I wasn't even able to move the virtual tape from one partition to another. <br />

4 AlbertoPre commented Permalink

Hi, I had this same error running mkvdev but my problem was different. <br /> The sotorage guay had assigned LUNs in read only mode, so watch out this as well in case you got the same error and you don´t have a filesystem full. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your web page, <br /> Alberto

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