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1 jklotz commented Permalink

Nice job ! Just a side note : the commands are related to the kind of adapter you use; for example, on a Blade with a Qlogic CNA (FCoE) adapter, you have to use : <div>&nbsp;</div> 0&gt; qlfscsi fscsi1 | grep qlfscsi_dd <div>&nbsp;</div> (ql prefix instead of the e letter, which I guess refers to Emulex). <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 brian_s commented Permalink

Thanks Chris, great posting.

3 Mallah commented Permalink

Thanks once again, for all the help Chris. <div>&nbsp;</div> regards.. <div>&nbsp;</div> Melih :-)

4 oedwards commented Permalink

Uhh...in your "Attention" note about max_xfer_size, I think you meant to say "if the values for this attribute on the VIO client do *NOT* match those on the VIO server"....?!

5 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks Owen. Fixed.

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