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1 kperrier commented Permalink

Yet another excellently timed post Chris! I am using your nimadm post to upgrade some old AIX 5.3 LPARs to 6.1 and the process will have the active rootvg on a disk other than hdisk0. Once the we are sure that the OS upgrade has not caused any application issues I wanted to move rootvg back to hdisk0. I had a good idea of the steps required to move rootvg back to hdisk0, but its really nice to have it all laid out!

2 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks for your comment Kent.

3 Catalin Mihai commented Permalink

Unfortunatly you need at least AIX 6.1 TL6 (or AIX 7.1) .

4 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks for the comment Mihai, <div>&nbsp;</div> Yet another great reason to upgrade/migrate to a recent version of AIX ASAP! <div>&nbsp;</div> What are you waiting for? ;)

5 macgahe commented Permalink

Hi Chris <div>&nbsp;</div> Excellent POst!!! as you mentioned.. sometimes there is not enough time to have "Order in the Universe" but with a script behind this detailed step by step, certainly can be restored :D <div>&nbsp;</div> I was wondering if you already have the hdisk0 included into another VG, to avoid an outage in the application , wouldn't help to add an extra disk in the VG , do a migratepv from hdisk0 to hdiskXX , and do reducevg datavg hdisk0? <div>&nbsp;</div> Might save you an outage , avoiding to deal with the application team/database team/ business :D

6 cggibbo commented Permalink

Excellent idea macgahe! Thanks for the comment.

7 kperrier commented Permalink

In using this to move rootvg back to hdisk0, I found a missing step along the way. After step 6 when you unmirror rootvg, lg_dumplv is still on the other disk. You can use migratepv -l to move that logical volume to hdisk0, then you can proceed to remove the other hdisk from rootvg.

8 32ER_Theodore_Alexopoulos commented Permalink

i wonder if we can use migratepv

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