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Comments (9)

1 kperrier commented Permalink

Yet another excellently timed post Chris! I am using your nimadm post to upgrade some old AIX 5.3 LPARs to 6.1 and the process will have the active rootvg on a disk other than hdisk0. Once the we are sure that the OS upgrade has not caused any application issues I wanted to move rootvg back to hdisk0. I had a good idea of the steps required to move rootvg back to hdisk0, but its really nice to have it all laid out!

2 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks for your comment Kent.

3 Catalin Mihai commented Permalink

Unfortunatly you need at least AIX 6.1 TL6 (or AIX 7.1) .

4 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks for the comment Mihai, <div>&nbsp;</div> Yet another great reason to upgrade/migrate to a recent version of AIX ASAP! <div>&nbsp;</div> What are you waiting for? ;)

5 macgahe commented Permalink

Hi Chris <div>&nbsp;</div> Excellent POst!!! as you mentioned.. sometimes there is not enough time to have "Order in the Universe" but with a script behind this detailed step by step, certainly can be restored :D <div>&nbsp;</div> I was wondering if you already have the hdisk0 included into another VG, to avoid an outage in the application , wouldn't help to add an extra disk in the VG , do a migratepv from hdisk0 to hdiskXX , and do reducevg datavg hdisk0? <div>&nbsp;</div> Might save you an outage , avoiding to deal with the application team/database team/ business :D

6 cggibbo commented Permalink

Excellent idea macgahe! Thanks for the comment.

7 kperrier commented Permalink

In using this to move rootvg back to hdisk0, I found a missing step along the way. After step 6 when you unmirror rootvg, lg_dumplv is still on the other disk. You can use migratepv -l to move that logical volume to hdisk0, then you can proceed to remove the other hdisk from rootvg.

8 32ER_Theodore_Alexopoulos commented Permalink

i wonder if we can use migratepv

9 clever_usr_name commented Permalink

Note: Disk drive devices that are members of the root volume group, or that will become members of the root volume group (by means of LVM or install procedures), must not be renamed. Renaming such disk drives may interfere with the ability to recover from certain scenarios, including boot failures.

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