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1 BruceGillespie commented Permalink

Hi Chris. I wonder if you would be doing an update on this article based on the changes introduced by AIX 7? <div>&nbsp;</div> Bruce Gillespie

2 Jim_VandeVegt commented Permalink

How can one go about debugging the authentication process? The description is great, but how do you check each step out to see where it might be breaking down? <div>&nbsp;</div> What strategies can be employed when the LPAR is behind a NAT? I have several systems that get registered on the HMC using their backend NAT address rather the public advertised address. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,

3 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> Not sure which version of the HMC you're using, but I think the command: <br /> hscroot@hmc1:~&gt; lsLPAR -dlpar <div>&nbsp;</div> should be <br /> hscroot@hmc1:~&gt; lspartition -dlpar <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony

4 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks Anthony. I have updated this post.

5 cggibbo commented Permalink

Here's an interesting blog post on DLPAR issues relating to AIX 6.1 and 7.1 systems that have been cloned using alt_disk_copy: <div>&nbsp;</div> DLPAR issues with cloned AIX LPAR: <div>&nbsp;</div> https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/meyawi/entry/dlpar_issues_with_cloned_aix_lpar?lang=en_us <div>&nbsp;</div> The issue relates specifically to DLPAR and Cluster Aware AIX (CAA) i.e. the CAA unique cluster node id.

6 meyawi commented Permalink

Thanks for writing about my blog post :)

7 ste37 commented Permalink

Hi Chris, <br /> I have some connection problem between new p780 HMC and same LPAR in DMZ with IP NAT. <br /> In our old p590 the comunication it's ok but in new p780 we have same problem. <br /> You wrote: "On power5 and power6 partitions, the RMC connection will be IP based so this will list the IP address of the partition." <br /> You think that the problem is there? <br /> The communication is ok between AIX 5.3 NAT LPAR and HMC <br /> and is ok between AIX 6.1 No-NAT LPAR and HMC <br /> but not between AIX 6.1 NAT LPAR and HMC <br /> If I run command : lsrsrc "IBM.ManagementServer" <br /> I have a correct output on AIX 5.3 NAT and AIX 6.1 No-NAT <br /> but on AIX 6.1 NAT LPAR the output is... blank <br /> [XXX]$ lsrsrc "IBM.ManagementServer" <br /> Resource Persistent Attributes for IBM.ManagementServer <br /> [XXX]$ <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you help me to find an workaround? <br /> TKS

8 hillanes commented Permalink

Thks, <br /> Chris, What about IVM ?, (VIOS whitout HMC). <br /> I cant start the RMC daemons, How can I troubleshoot my environment?

9 hillanes commented Permalink

Thks <br /> Chris, What about IVM environment, without HMC. <br /> I cant start RMC service. How can I troubleshoot my environment?

10 VEUT_xu_ma commented Permalink

Thanks for your article. I resolve my problem.

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