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Comments (6)

1 lfvsilva commented Permalink

Wow Chris, awesome tip! I mean, one should always be aware of all consequences when editing config files manually, but to put the why to this in such a clear example is just genius of you! Keep up the good work! <br /> Kudos!

2 JLGuyot commented Permalink

Hi Chris, <br /> I so agree with you. <br /> I'm running a program here to try to locate this issue and several others and, as a statistic, i have 646 errors of this type over 2900 Aix Partitions. <br /> I think we need a tool to be able to reorder a VGDA, because creating temporary LV and FS, moving the data, in order to have a clean VG is a pain.... <br /> On this /etc/filesystem, you can also add people changing the mount point of a filesystem by editing the /etc/filesystem manually. You then reimport the VG and the FS is not mounted or at the previous spot (as a rule /etc/filesystem mount point must be the same as the lable of the LV). <br /> I also find FS in /etc/filesystem that doesn't exist anymore (maybe bad exportvg, maybe manual operation....) or LV of FS type that don't have an entry in /etc/filesystem (most of the type raw filesystems that have jfs or jfs2 type).

3 daboule commented Permalink

Hi Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> i already met this issue in the past and did exactly the same as you. <div>&nbsp;</div> You can find an old post of me i posted to comp.unix.aix three years ago <div>&nbsp;</div> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.unix.aix/pvY9UMYa4Sk/UvLoTTC6N8AJ <div>&nbsp;</div> As JLGuyot wrote, there is a need of a tool....

4 Anthony English commented Permalink

Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> Was the problem the editing of /etc/filesystems as a workaround, or was it the creation of the file systems in the wrong order in the first place? <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony

5 Anthony English commented Permalink

I should add that I'd never realised the importvg would not follow the mount order of /etc/filesystems. It's really helpful to know how the LVs are ordered in a volume group. That lqueryvg command is really helpful. <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony

6 cggibbo commented Permalink

Hi Anthony, creation of the file systems in the wrong order and then editing /etc/filesystems manually, produced the problem. Better to remove the file systems and recreate them in the correct order.

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