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hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> lsdev -C -c tmiscsi -s tmtarget -t target | sort | uniq <div>&nbsp;</div> returns a few "iSCSI Target Mode Target" devices (iscsi software targets). <div>&nbsp;</div> there are several test LUNs served on those targets. <div>&nbsp;</div> when I go to: <div>&nbsp;</div> smitty tmlun <br /> -&gt; Change / Show Characteristics of an iSCSI Target Logical Unit <div>&nbsp;</div> and delect a unit, I can see field "iSCSI Parent Target Name" with the name of configured iscsi target. <div>&nbsp;</div> is there any way to get the target device name for a logical unit using lsattr? <div>&nbsp;</div> alas, lsattr -El "iscsi_lun_dev" doesn't show this information... <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Great Article, do you know of a way to setup AIX as a FC target ? i.e. have the AIX server serve local disk/tape or other devices over FC without using iscsi. Is this even a valid question ? thanks for you attention. Robert

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Chris, Helpful article. Do you know how changes to the autosecrets file are handled? Seems that an iSCSI Software Target doesn't pick up changes in this file. We tried to change a known chap secret for a target, or even comment it out (no chap secret), but the software target seems to stick with the previously known chap secret. Not sure what to refresh to get the software target to reread the autosecrets file. Thanks, Mike.

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Is there a way to pass the UDID of the backing device through the iscsi target lun so the iscsi client can see it?

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