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1 danny.hoile commented Permalink

Something that has been a little tricky in our environment is adding new Fiber Channel Adapters to running LPARs. We discovered that if you generated FC adapters in the profile first, and then DLPAR FC adapters to the running LPAR you would have two different sets of WWPNs. To get around this I first DLPAR the FC adapters to the running LPAR, then in the Profile Management section of the HMC I take a copy of the running config. I then rename the last activated profile to -old, and rename the new copy to the running name. I also then change the default profile to the new copy I've made. Adding the FC adapters to the profile and DLPAR'ing to the vio servers is a lot more straight forward obviously. <div>&nbsp;</div> Having to add FC adapters in the method I described has been a bit tedious, but we haven't found a better way to do it.

2 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks for the comment Danny. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have been doing the same. The issue is described in a little more detail here: <div>&nbsp;</div> http://www.aixmind.com/?p=798 <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

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