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I tried the freeze option on an LPAR running 6100-06-01-1043 and it didn't seem to work. From the disk panel, pressing the space bar takes me back to the main panel. My AIX 7.1 LPAR works fine.

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Yes, it appears that this functionality has not yet made it to AIX 6.1 TL6. Perhaps in the future?

3 V5QD_Charin_Kumjudpai comentou às Link permanente

Hi AIX 7.1 on Power 7 experts, <br /> Can anyone have the document/detail for about the high/Spike RunQueue. <br /> 1. How to reduce the RunQueue? <br /> 2. How to identify to high/Spike RunQueue was the cause of performance? <br /> 3. What is the vpm_throughput_mode level is appropriate for each kind of server worklooad? such as DB Server (DB2+Oracle, etc), WAS server, Web logic server. <br /> Thanks.

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