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This issue is apparently fixed in TL1 SP1 for AIX 7.1. Thanks to Martin Schiff for the update.

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I recently upgraded to TL1 SP1 and still see the problem: <div>&nbsp;</div> # ls -l /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br /> -rw-r--r-- 1 bin bin 3905 Aug 7 2010 /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br /> # oslevel -s <br /> 7100-01-01-1141 <div>&nbsp;</div> Where can the 'correct' cat file be found?

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Hi Mike, I've replied to your email.

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Hello ! <br /> Any update on this issue ? <br /> ls -l /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br /> -rw-r--r-- 1 bin bin 3905 Jun 27 2010 /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <div>&nbsp;</div> oslevel -s <br /> 7100-01-03-1207 <br />

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Hi Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> are we copying "/usr/lib/nls/msg/C/" to replace the /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ ? <br /> ta <br /> sk

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Yes sk@.

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Hello Chris, <br /> updated to 7.1 TL5 so the dsm.core fileset is now at <br /> (0)ux60331:/space/715 62# lslpp -L dsm.core <br /> Fileset Level State Type Description (Uninstaller) <br /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> dsm.core A F Distributed Systems Management Core <div>&nbsp;</div> But still the wrong cat file: <br /> (0)ux60331:/space/715 63# ls -l /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br /> -rw-r--r-- 1 bin bin 3905 Aug 08 2010 /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <div>&nbsp;</div> cp /usr/lib/nls/msg/C/ /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br /> corrected the problem. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can anyone at IBM please correct this: obviously a 2 year old problem!! Unless something <br /> happens, the next servicepack update will corrupt the cat file again! <br /> cheers, <br /> Vincent <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hi Vincent, thanks for the comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Just so we are all clear, I don't work for IBM but I have raised this issue with IBM (unofficially) in the past. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you haven't already, I'd recommend that you (and anyone else experiencing this issue) open a PMR with IBM for this problem. <div>&nbsp;</div> If I find a permanent (official) IBM solution to this problem I will most certainly update my blog. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again for your comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Chris <br />

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Just updated my NIM master to 7.1 TL2. Looks like the file has now been updated! <div>&nbsp;</div> # lslpp -l bos.msg.en_US.rte <br /> Fileset Level State Description <br /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> Path: /usr/lib/objrepos <br /> bos.msg.en_US.rte COMMITTED Base OS Runtime Messages - <br /> U.S. English <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> # ls -ltr /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br /> -rw-r--r-- 1 bin bin 32017 May 30 2012 /usr/lib/nls/msg/en_US/ <br />

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Would setting LANG to C be a usable workaround? With LANG=C, AIX does not consult message catalogue files and uses built-in message strings compiled in with the source code.

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Hi, Chris! <div>&nbsp;</div> I have a problem with dsm/lpar_netboot running AIX on pureflex system p460 node. <br /> I am using AIX 7100-02-02 NIM server. I try to get the mac address via dgetmacs without success. <br /> With dsh mode it works well. The openfirmware mode is not working. It almost immediately responses with message "could not find any ethernet adapter" or something else. The lpar state does not change from "Stopped" to "Openfirmware" or to any other state. <br /> All lpars - nim server also - are in the same pureflex chassis. <div>&nbsp;</div> Do you have any idea? <div>&nbsp;</div> All my automation scripts are based on this connection and it works well in other non-pureflex environment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks a lot <br /> Attila

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Hi Attila, sorry to hear you are having trouble. <div>&nbsp;</div> I don't have a Pureflex environment to test I don't have any advice to offer right now. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'd suggest a call to IBM support for help. <div>&nbsp;</div> Please report back if you get an answer. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comment. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Chris

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