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Comments (4)

1 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

Great detective work, Chris. Very interesting following your troubleshooting methodology.

2 cggibbo commented Permalink

Thanks Anthony. I like the "new" LVM logging features in AIX.

3 prabudass commented Permalink

Great work Chris. Thanks ..

4 Manoj Suyal commented Permalink

Hi Chris I Just have one little query, Is there any consequences if I change the lv inter policy maximum to minimum ? <div>&nbsp;</div> My OS Version is : 6100-06-08-1216 <br /> Filesystem size around = 200 GB <br /> Filesystem Type : jfs2 <br /> Log : jfs2log <div>&nbsp;</div> System is highly critical. <div>&nbsp;</div> I Just wanted to be doubly sure that changing the inter policy of the lv should not lead any issue . <div>&nbsp;</div> Any suggestion would highly be appreciated <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you : <br /> Manoj Suyal

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