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Comments (5)

1 ramveera commented Permalink

good one.. <br />

2 Gcina-maseko commented Permalink

Thanks a lot it really helped ......

3 2bB commented Permalink

HI Chris,
I find your blogs extremely useful. I am facing one issue on my NIM server
while running command
[root@<nimserver>]/export/nim/backup_images=> nim -o showlog <nimclienthostname>
0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":
0042-006 m_showlog: (From_Master) connect Error 0

Permission denied.
Do you know what could be the possible root cause?</nimclienthostname></nimserver>

4 cggibbo commented Permalink

Hi b2b, could be lot's of reasons. Is this over rsh or nimsh? Check that the NIM master and client can resolve each others IP addresses and hostnames correctly. Double-check the entries in the /etc/hosts file to ensure they are correct on both the master &amp; the client. Check for duplicate entries.

5 cggibbo commented Permalink

If the client is configured for rsh, make sure that the client rshd daemon is running and that you can connect to the client from the master using rsh as root .e.g. # rsh client1 date. Check the /.rhosts file configuration and permissions is correct. <div>&nbsp;</div> If the client is configured for nimsh, make sure that the client nimsh daemon is running. Try communicating with the client from the master using 'nim -o showlog'. Check the /var/adm/ras/nimsh.log file for errors on the client.

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