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1 hans001 commented Permalink

Please add the pa download codes

2 SeanSoon commented Permalink

Added a part numbers table. Hope this help.

3 hans001 commented Permalink

Great! Now please do this for the previous release as well (as LorenCain pointed out indirectiy). Could you please also list all Integrations Release blog entries into one wiki page and add a reference?

4 SeanSoon commented Permalink

Hello hansoo1, here's the wiki <div>&nbsp;</div>!/wiki/Tivoli%20Netcool%20OMNIbus/page/Integrations%20GA%20Releases <div>&nbsp;</div> As of now, I don't have bandwidth to create GA Partnumber table of the previous releases (as the effort requires me to dig deep into our vob), however going forward you shall see the table (like the above) in future Release Announcements. <div>&nbsp;</div> I welcome you and anyone to provide comments on what announcement format can better serve you. Thanks!

5 hans001 commented Permalink

Hi SeanSoon <div>&nbsp;</div> thank you for this work. It is just always a real pain to search PA for the Probes and Gateways. This list with the Codes helps a lot! <div>&nbsp;</div> For me personally, it would be enough if you maintain a (wiki) table that holds all (!) available probes with their current (!) version number and PA download Code. Your Integration Release Message could then point to that wiki table. <div>&nbsp;</div> You could also include a link to the most recent documentation of that probe and if it's native 64 bit and supports the new features of 7.4... but that's "nice to have" IMO. <div>&nbsp;</div> btw I use Feedly to check the RSS stream of developerworks.

6 SeanSoon commented Permalink

Added Netcool/OMNIbus Probe for HP Network Node Manager 8/9i (nco-p-nnm-ws-2_0) to this announcement.