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1 AlexSimpson commented Permalink

I have received a request the following request from user mirani... <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for the post. Very helpful! <br /> I am new to Netcool/Omnibus. I am planning to call nco_postmsg from a PERL script. If my application is running slow or if it is down, the script will then post an alert to Event List. Something similar to your command line example: <div>&nbsp;</div> nco_postmsg “Identifier='Jazz01Down'” "Severity=5" "Summary='Jazz01 is DOWN!'" <div>&nbsp;</div> Next time the script runs and the application is up, the alert will need to be automatically cleared. I tried lowering the Severity to zero using nco_postmsg. But the severity doesn't change only the count goes up. I am able to change the Summary and I am thinking using that with a trigger I should be able to set the Severity to clear. <br /> What is the best way to accomplish this? <div>&nbsp;</div> You need to take advantage of the generic_clear functionality of ObjectServer. I'll create another blog post with a worked example :) <div>&nbsp;</div>