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1 rkaiser commented Permalink

In <div>&nbsp;</div> ibm-portal-transformation.xml <div>&nbsp;</div> you specify: <div>&nbsp;</div> ... ncw/map/nl/MapTransform .... <div>&nbsp;</div> below you refer to directory <div>&nbsp;</div> com/ibm/tivoli/ncw/map/ls/ <div>&nbsp;</div> it should be either nl or ls

2 MarkByford commented Permalink

I have fixed it. Thank you for pointing that out. <div>&nbsp;</div> Mark

3 rkaiser commented Permalink

Is there a way to dynamically identify the Page unique ID? Or is it possible to specify the page Name directly?

4 MarkByford commented Permalink

Unfortunately, there is no API to do this in the JavaScript itself. You could use a TIP Command Line (tipcli) to obtain a list of customized pages. This could (in theory) then be used in a script to update the transformation.js file automatically. For example, to list all the customized pages: <div>&nbsp;</div> $TIPHOME/profiles/TIPProfile/bin/ ListPages --customizePages true <div>&nbsp;</div> For more information about tipcli, see