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1 s0lace commented Permalink

It would be useful to have the option to have the column background coloured rather than rows. So, as above you set all rows to have the background colour white (by unchecking "Show Colours") and have the Severity column showing the background colours. <div>&nbsp;</div> It would make it a lot easier on the eye while still having some colour, which user take notice of.

2 SteveHowell commented Permalink

Hi s0lace, <div>&nbsp;</div> That's quite a nice idea. You could raise this as an RFE if such an enhancement does not already exist in the system. <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve

3 David Savelski commented Permalink

I Still don't understand why WEBGUI donsn't take color settings from the OMNIBUS Visual Settings for Severities. <br />

4 SteveHowell commented Permalink

Hi David, <div>&nbsp;</div> When you talk about "OMNIbus visual settings for severities", can you give some more detail of what you mean? <div>&nbsp;</div> As I described above, Web GUI does obtain its colours from the OMNIbus ObjectServer configuration, which you can configure using the OMNIbus Adminstrator program. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve