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1 DaliborStavek commented Permalink

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for interesting and insightful article. While I do understand very well the drawbacks of traditional development (all of my hands-on experiences is from water-fall/iterative projects) and I understand and agree with all the advantages of Agile Development, I am thinking how to make it real for big complex project in Banking industry for business critical client-facing systems like Online Banking that usually comprises more than 50 people? Specifically:
1) Testing - Do you do the testing once all the iterations are completed, so that you can test the whole system as well as all the integrations (ESB, Core Banking system..) or you do end-to-end System Integration Testing somehow within the iterations? (and I am not referring to the User testing as a quick way for the Product owner to see the application in early stages and give timely feedback)
2) Documentation - how do you handle documentation for such complex projects in order to ensure sustainability for the future operation, maintenance and development of the application? I have experience that even in water-fall, if the documentation is not properly handled, i.e. updated, then after few years nobody in the organization really knows how the application works, what are the different validations, business rules etc. and often it ends up with reverse engineering - so basically the value in terms of effort and time you save in quicker development, you loose by future problems.
3) Releases - I guess for such complex system as Online Banking that is existing system (i.e. project is about replacing the existing system that is currently being used by many thousands/millions people), not building new application that never existed you must still plan 1st Release to Public/to customers after many Sprints/Iterations where you cover all the MUST User stories (at least those User stories that are currently supported in the existing Online Banking). Many thanks, Dalibor