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1 kameir commented Permalink

John: how can we use this with our new Bluetooth v4.0 device? <br /> See:

2 Bryan Boyd commented Permalink

Hi Kameir,
Cool device! With ApKey, m2m communication is done via Bluetooth (low power, limited range). With this sample, both clients (remote and car) connect to MessageSight via TCP / WebSockets-- so each client (mobile, car) must be 3G / wifi capable, but there is no limit to range. One way your application could utilize MessageSight/MQTT is in communication between the ApKey mobile applications (WebSockets) and your backend server (TCP), storing location/status data:

- Server application connects to MessageSight, subscribes to ApKey device topic: ApKey/devices/+
- ApKey mobile unlocks a car, publishes car status and location to its topic: ApKey/devices/<DEVICE_ID>
- Server application automatically receives update, updates location database
MQTT minimizes bandwidth and saves battery on your mobile device, and MessageSight allows you to scale to a large number of ApKey devices-- with simple and intuitive APIs!