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1 elkinsct commented Permalink

On the statement:
If you expect your buffer pools to fill up during normal use they should be striped. When using striped dataset, it allocates the size you specify on each volume. So if you allocate 250 Cyl with 4 stripes the data set will be 1000 cylinders in total.

Please test with production workloads before you stripe pagesets. Striping VSAM datasets across multiple volumes has often been shown to be most beneficial for sequential writes where reads are less performance critical, like the MQ logs. Since messages rolled to pagesets are expected to be brought back into bufferpools when they are being processed, the impact of reading striped pagesets may offset (or negate) any benefit achieved by striping them. This seems to be very dependent on the I/O subsystem, etc. This is definitely a 'your mileage' will vary' situation.

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