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Actually I face this need from time to time when working on PoCs. Not that much in the banking/insurance area but rather when dealing with retail, media, telecom etc. That would be great to have a BAL keyword like: "create a <> called []". The 'called' is important because we need to do stuff like:

create a customer called 'new customer'
set the name of 'new customer' to "Bob"
which is impossible to do with the the workaround you explained (and which I use). Or we have to create a virtual "constructor" with parameters. We end up with something like this:
create a new customer with age {0} and address {1} and weight {2} and ...
which is not convenient to use. especially if we find out later on that we need to create a customer with, say, only an age. We have to create a new virtual method.