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1 frenger commented Permalink

Hi Brian <br /> It's amazing how you visualize data, but this seems only helpful on small size VGs with the current layout. We have al lot of VGs that spread over 10 or much more disks and have +50000 PPS. Letting this scroll down your terminal is not really helpfull at all. I would like to see an option that condense the big blocks to smaller chunks like "PP1306 ... PP1537" If the blocks are sequential numbered. That would increase the usabilty on big VGs a lot. <br /> The displayed data could be enhanced by displaying mirror informations as well, Maybe it can be further enhanced to display the first/second mirrorcopy as well (this is crucial in cross site mirroring, because you want to write the first mirrorcopy always local). <br /> Cheers Sebastian

2 alexpo commented Permalink

Hi Brian, <br /> Please avoid using grayish light color for the output background, on my terminal I am unable to read the text. <div>&nbsp;</div> Alex Po

3 Glukacs1 commented Permalink

Hi Brian <div>&nbsp;</div> Quick question - wouldn't worth to apply the -L flag when you use LVM related commands (lsvg, lspv) to prevent any hanging situations (caused by VG lock )?