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1 ronbarak commented Permalink

@ Brian, <br /> The same advantages you enumerated for Perl - can be attributed to Python. <br /> But, Python also enjoys cleaner syntax and lesser possibilities for Obfuscated Code Contests, so I - for one - passed my betting chips from Perl to Python

2 brian_s commented Permalink

I don't think Python has on of the most important things to me: being installed by default. It isn't included by default on AIX, and I'm not sure but I don't think it is included by default on Solaris either.

3 MichaelAM commented Permalink

You could also consider writing generic shell code - neither bash nor ksh dependent. <div>&nbsp;</div> I get headaches with perl because it is just enough different from C that I stumble constantly. <div>&nbsp;</div> Phython - I am thinking about installing it - but I may actually learn more of awk first. awk is installed by default (as is sed).

4 AntonioVasconcelos commented Permalink

Perl of course. <br /> The only good reason (for a sysadmin) to install python on AIX, if he's not a Python programmer, is to use pssh.