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1 JasonLiang commented Permalink

Thanks for sharing the nice script, Brian! <br /> Just one thought, should we check whether the ID exists on linux server before running the useradd command? <br />

2 brian_s commented Permalink

Hi Jason, <br /> I haven't tested it out, but you should be able to change line 48 to accomplish this: <div>&nbsp;</div> my $command = "id $user || useradd -N -u $uid -g $pgrp -G $groups -d $home "; <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the feedback, <br /> Brian

3 KiranRajanna commented Permalink

Brian, <div>&nbsp;</div> I am looking for a script to run from the NIM server that can list the user's information from all the lpars associated with the NIM. Do you have any ideas. <div>&nbsp;</div> Kiran