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1 frenger commented Permalink

Hi Brian <div>&nbsp;</div> Great script for a quick overview. Works like a charm! <br /> A possible extend of this useful information would be the same view for memory. When AME is Used there is something similar like a Ratio beweeen compressed and real memory. But this output would not fit into the script output of vp-report and should be a seperate script. Just a idea, if you find it useful too ;-) <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers Sebastian

2 Wiktor.Vip commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> great script, thx ;) <div>&nbsp;</div> BTW, It's possible add option to remove colors from output ?

3 brian_s commented Permalink

The colors can be removed by deleting the 7 lines in the script that start with "print color".

4 brian_s commented Permalink

Sebastian, great idea for a similar AME script - I'll definitly look in to this. Thanks, Brian.

5 JCMesa commented Permalink

Thx Brian. Nice script.

6 Lokesh.An commented Permalink

Hi Brain. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you please share "Script to calculate Virtual Processor to Core Ratio on POWER" code <div>&nbsp;</div> <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div>

7 brian_s commented Permalink

The download link for the script is at the bottom of the post.

8 rbinkley6906 commented Permalink

I ran your script before and after I reclamed entitled procesors . <br /> and the out put was the same

9 a_dubeau commented Permalink

Where can I get the script? seems the blog is not showing properly for me

10 brian_s commented Permalink

The download link is at the bottom of the post: