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1 Hazzim Anaya commented Permalink

Hi, do you think the Intellistation POWER 185 Workstation it's a good machine to learn and practice AIX in home? <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks in advance.

2 brian_s commented Permalink

I'm not familiar with the Intellistation POWER 185 Workstation. It looks like it uses the PowerPC® 970 CPU which isn't very common from an AIX perspective. Personally, I would rather get a server with a POWER5 or POWER6 CPU in it. On the other hand, it looks like this one comes in a desktop format rather than rack mount which would be great for home use. It really comes down to what you can find a reasonable deal for. There are people out there trying to sell used POWER servers for WAY more than they are worth.

3 XVBS_Tobias_Karnat commented Permalink

I very much like your AIX / UNIX / Linux / Open Source blog and I thought you might know an answer to a problem I have with my home POWER server. <div>&nbsp;</div> Since internal disks are rather expansive, I would like to use a iSCSI lun exported from a Synology NAS. But I cannot create a volume group on the detected hdisk. <br /> This is caused by the unsupported scsi command "WRITE AND VERIFY"(0x2e), used by mkvg. I could format the disk directly, but I would prefer to use the LVM scheme. <div>&nbsp;</div> Do you know how to create a volume group without mkvg or another workaround?

4 brian_s commented Permalink

Unfortunitly I'm not famliar with iSCSI on AIX. One other thing you might want to look in to is using an external USB hard drive for extra storage. I know AIX can't boot off these but I believe it is possible to use them for additional, non-rootvg storage.

5 XVBS_Tobias_Karnat commented Permalink

Thank you for your help. <br /> Synology was so kind to point me to their new beta release DSM 4.2, it does indeed fix the mkvg problem!

6 matekamoris commented Permalink

Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> How and where did you get this Power Server and how much did you pay for it ? I'm looking for one P6/P7 with PowerVM (standard/enterprise) for my home lab may you can help me to find a refurbished one ! Did you get an HMC with it or are you running it with an IVM ? Thanks in advance if you can help. Keep going with this blog, it's awsome. <div>&nbsp;</div> Benoit -