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1 frenger commented Permalink

Hi Brian <div>&nbsp;</div> The script is getting better and better :) <br /> Something I really struggle with is the errors in the compared strings. <br /> Could you please add a some sort of explanation of the shown values like: <br /> Virt Eth 42/1/3509/1016/1/1 <br /> for what stands field 42 and 1 and 3509 .... <br /> Not for each listed entry, just a sort of help funktion in the script (prdiff -h for example) to have a quick reference on which field the error is. <br /> Something like <br /> Virt Eth : slot_num/ieee_virtual_eth/port_vlan_id/addl_vlan_ids/is_trunk/is_required <br /> That would be greatly helpful for all kind of IO Adapters you check. <br /> To make it more comfortable for the "not so deep into the lshwres" admins in the world like me. <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers Sebastian <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 brian_s commented Permalink

Thanks for the suggestion Sebastian. I've posted a new version that has this.

3 brian_s commented Permalink

New version of prdiff posted, fixes issue with Virtual Ethernet comparisons:

4 sk@ commented Permalink

Can't find string terminator "`" anywhere before EOF at ./ line 149 <div>&nbsp;</div> getting ,doing anything wrong !!?

5 brian_s commented Permalink

What version are you using? (It says at the top of the file) <div>&nbsp;</div> Have you tried downloading it again? What is the command line you are using when you run it?

6 sk@ commented Permalink

I m using -version 1.0 rc3 - 12/02/12 <br /> # ./ <br /> Can't find string terminator "`" anywhere before EOF at ./ line 149. <br />