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Hi Brian <br /> I have another possible enhancement for ezh. How about a integration of "lspartition -dlpar" with a more readable output? Perhaps with a listing and explanation/translation of the dcaps values included. Maybe a integration of /opt/csm/bin/lsnodes -a Status as well but this command seems not to be working any more on my hmcs (has to be run as root?) and produces just this error: <div>&nbsp;</div> hmcpseries8:~ # /opt/csm/bin/lsnodes -a Status <br /> lsnodes: Exit code 5 from command: /usr/bin/lsrsrc-api -D ':|:' -i -s IBM.ManagedNode::::Hostname::Status 2&gt;&amp;1 <div>&nbsp;</div> Maybe you have found a workaround for this ;) <br /> Another possible error situation came to my mind when I thought about our environment an the Lpar level / Dlpar commands. As I mentioned in other conversations with you we have sometimes the same lpar name on different frames. In that cases the script logic of ezh would take the first listed one I guess. Would it be possible, if it takes not too much effort, to add an optional frame (managed system) parameter to be shure to run the command on the right Lpar? Keep up the good scripting work! <br /> Cheers Sebastian

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Hi Brian, <div>&nbsp;</div> I have tried using this script and are having issues with it.... I'm getting the following error <div>&nbsp;</div> hscroot@dshmc:~&gt; source ezh <br /> : command not found <br /> 'ash: ezh: line 24: syntax error near unexpected token `{ <br /> 'ash: ezh: line 24: `prompt () { <br /> hscroot@dshmc:~&gt;

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Sabastian - great idea regarding the "lspartition -dlpar". I'll add it to the to-do list for the next version. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you have multiple LPAR's with identical names EZH should detect this and print an error message if you try to do an LPAR level command.

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bpon - What version is your HMC software?

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Cool stuff, Brian! Thanks for writing and sharing! <br /> There is just one little thing missing... restarting a LPAR. <br /> Of course one can shutdown it, look at the led-code to see when its shutdown... start it. <br /> But a simple restart like one can do in the GUI would be nice! <br /> Regs, Holger <br />

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Holger, <br /> Thanks for the suggestion. Version 0.8 of EZH now has commands to do LPAR reboots.

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Thanks for your share. Great job..